Paul Stuart Rankin’s 26 years in interior design and decoration have been informed by education, travel and an impeccable command of the history of decorative arts. He began his practice in France as an associate of Laurent Potonniée. In 1986, he joined T. Keller Donovan, Inc.; five years later he established his namesake design firm. Rankin’s interiors marry comfort, color and classicism. Numerous homes in Paris, Santa Barbara, Aspen, Miami, Bucks County, Rumson, NJ, Rhinebeck, Larchmont and Southampton bear his distinctive signature design.

As a master of many styles and periods, Rankin uses the highest quality materials and workmanship to create relaxed, intimate, inviting residential spaces. Catering to the needs of his clients, he brings a fresh, uncontrived sensibility to homes both traditional and contemporary. Informed by taste, culture and a classical vocabulary, his rooms are livable, layered spaces with carefully edited selections of furniture, art and accessories.

A graduate with honors from Middlebury College, Vermont, Rankin attended New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. He is currently a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America and is active in the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation. In his spare time, Rankin translates design, garden and culinary books from French into English. Rankin resides in Greenwich Village, New York.